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Bild von schöner Frau mit Natürlichkeit, Infusionstherapie in München

Infusion therapy

Bild von schöner Frau mit Natürlichkeit, Cryo in München


Bild von schöner Frau mit Natürlichkeit, Hydration in München



Vitamin infusion

Infusion therapy is used to regenerate, detoxify and vitalize the entire body. We use the infusions for prophylaxis as well as to support and promote the body's own self-healing powers.

After a detailed consultation, an individually composed infusion mixture of vitamins, trace elements, medicinal plants and other high-quality medicines is created. The valuable ingredients get directly into the bloodstream through an infusion and can take effect immediately.


My very special offer:

-Elexir infusions - individually adapted and composed infusions to support your individual and current needs


All infusions can also be used very well as support and combination therapy.


Hydration therapies to improve the skin structure - Natural Skin Filter!



Hydration therapy (moisture treatment) restores the skin's moisture balance. The skin is massively moisturized and the structure of the skin  supports. This treatment is often combined with a  MESOTHERAPY combined. The liquid hyaluronic acid can be personalized with other active ingredients such as antioxidants and mixed together individually. This powerful cocktail of active ingredients is then placed under the skin. The cells of the skin can soak up the effective ingredients / active substances and the hyaluronic acid like a sponge and take it up.

Have your very own skin booster made for you.

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