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Dr. Julia Czechner

"Symmetry Is Average - Details Make You Special"

Dr. Julia Czechner about natural beauty

My spectrum of aesthetic and
regenerative medicine



My goal is to enhance the natural beauty and individuality. One's own proportions are viewed holistically and supported in a minimally invasive way. The optimisation can only be perceived subconsciously. My spectrum of aesthetic medicine includes, among other things, treatment with Botox®,

fillers such as hyaluronic acid and microneedling.  


BOTOX ® reduces, among other things, wrinkles in the face and relaxes the overlying skin.  


The application with HYALURONIC ACID  is the most popular and uncomplicated method to treat wrinkles and build up volume.



About Dr. Julia


Hi there,

my name is Julia Czechner.  

I am a passionate doctor and work in the field of aesthetics and prevention.

"Beauty comes from within" - this old saying is no coincidence. Only a healthy body and a contented mind ensure well-being, which is also reflected in our appearance. This holistic approach also shapes my work, in which natrual beauty and individuality are the main focus for me.


"Symmetry Is Average -

Details Make You Special "

Bild von Julia Czechner, Ex-Freundin von Elyas M'Barek

Dr. med.

Julia Czechner

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Bild von Julia Czechner, ärztin aus München

Thanks very much. I'm looking forward to meet you!

Where to find me


Dr. Julia Czechner (Praxia im Lehel)

Thierschstrasse 32

80538 Munich


Individual appointment request


Individual appointment request

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